Little Sousuke (◡‿◡✿)

Pre-orders for Free! CharaPuka set 2 start tomorrow! And here are the special versions you can get by ordering at specific shops. Specific shop info will be up tomorrow too!

I think I need both the special Rin and Rei from this set!!!! Or all of them!!! ;_;

Ensky’s new CharaPuka Free! bath toy set has been revealed, and not only is it the boys in elementary school form, but they come with their little spirit animals!!

Note the details that Rei has on a different swimsuit than the others! And notice Haruka’s expression is different in the second image. That means this set may also have two versions of each boy! (Haru’s original two expressions can be seen in this post :D)

No release date yet!


Screencaps for episode 4 are out now!! Ahh!



This is a sales post for Free! Eternal Summer Official Guidebook and High Speed 2


Free! Eternal Summer Official Guidebook (『Free!-Eternal Summer-』公式ガイドブック)

Price: 2500 yen


High Speed 2 (ハイ☆スピード! 第2巻)

Price: 1250 yen

I saw that some people abroad were looking to…

I think I already figured out the secret rubber charms in ~Bitter Chocolate~…… if I am wrong I will eat my own obviously a gigantic pirate hat and ponytail

Better images of the prize figures from the ~Bitter Chocolate~ kuji (Bitter chocolate~ くじ デフォルメフィギュア賞~chocolate ver.~) have been uploaded to the staff blog!

Look at Haruka’s thinking pose! Makoto fixing his tie!! Rin’s ponytail and tongue!!! Rei’s sass!!! Nagisa’s casual lounging!!!! Those jaunty little hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am more happy than ever I just got my set reserved today!!

Free! ~Bitter Chocolate~ kuji begins in August!

my favourite boys ;_____________;

no one looks up to haru more than rei.


The Most Important Thing To Happen In Eternal Summer




Genga/Douga production art sketches from the first episode of Free! Eternal Summer from the Free! Eternal Summer Guidebook! Scanned by me. Enjoy!

Hello! I am a Free! fan residing in Portugal, Europe!! I really really want the Free! Eternal Summer Guidebook ;~; but the kyoani shop doesn't seem to ship to Europe... Do you have any advice for people trying to get this type of merch outside japan? I really love artbooks and I love Free! and aaaaah It hurts not being able to get my hands on it. Sometimes I check CDjapan for this kind of thing, but they don't always have what I want.

Hello! I am replying to this publicly since I am actually getting this ask a lot… and I have no answers ;___; I have lived in Japan my whole adult life so I don’t actually know where is best to go for having things sent overseas. Does anyone have a good resource for this? I’d offer to do it myself and maybe I should, but I am often so busy with my Pokemon shop I’m afraid my shipping times would start to slip if I took on more.

Anyway if anyone has a good answer please let me know!!

Messages and doodles from the creators of Free! Eternal Summer from the Free! Eternal Summer Guidebook! Scanned by me. Enjoy!