I got my Makoto Alarm Clock from the Kansai Free! Event!! They were a special order item that have only just arrived! I chose Makoto because…? Well his voice sure isn’t going to wake me up, I guess I just wanted to listen to his voice before failing to wake up and going back to sleep? Anyway, here are his three lines said in a voice that will in no way encourage anyone to actually wake up.

  • "Good morning. Hey, wake up. It’s already morning. You still can’t wake up? …did you stay up all night by any chance? Aren’t I always saying sleep deprivation is bad for your health? Promise me you’ll sleep early tonight…? …come on, let’s start getting up!"
  • "Good morning…hehe! You still look like you don’t want to get up. But I want you to get up soon…no good? Hehe…do you finally feel like getting up? Ok, let’s go."
  • "Hehe! Good morning. Wake up? It’s already morning. We promised to go together to morning practice today, didn’t we? Everyone else was up long ago! …come on, wake up already?"

New art in the new spoon.2Di coming out on 7.31!

sick-nasty-robot replied to your post: therandominmyhead said:I apologiz…

Awww man, you sound so cute. Can I ask how you two met?

haha, through both of us liking the musicians who did the music and inspired some characters for the super gay anime “gravitation”… that is the really short version of the really crazy story, but it makes it sound normal, so we’ll stick to that

I apologize if this is too weird/personal a question, so don't feel obligated to answer obviously if it's an intrusion, but I've been wondering, what does your husband think of all the fan merch taking up so much of your house (and life? haha)? There's not very many married fans to ask and I've always wondered how that would work. I personally tried to hide how obsessed I was with submas/pokemon in my last serious relationship so.... >< I think it's really cool!

it is okay, i get this a lot :D he’s never cared, except when we lived in a smaller apartment and he had no place for his model trains. he blamed my pokemon, to which i replied they are all on the wall and trains cannot go on the wall anyway so it made no difference ;) he had no comeback for that.

he works in the music/game/anime industry (yes, all three at once) and has never once had an issue with my toy collecting or my boy’s love obsession (he’s even worked on a few BL-related projects). he brings friends and family over without any issues or embarrassment. i’m not sure if this is because he’s japanese, because of his job, because he is pretty eccentric himself, or just because he is who he is (probably a combo of all of that), but i am glad :D

i know lots of people into anime and games are younger and have people in their lives that maybe make them feel bad or childish about it, but my dad is in his sixties and collects my little pony: FIM (his and my mom’s favourite show) plushies and godzilla toys, and his favourite movie is mary poppins. my husband and i are in our late twenties/early thirties and play games and watch anime and read comics all day and have jobs that are also our hobbies - and kind of require us to do the anime thing.

so i think if anyone ever makes you feel embarrassed or bad about your hobby that makes you happy and doesn’t cause harm to anyone, they are the ones that really need to grow up a little!

My lifesize Rin tapestry, with closeup on the important part.

(the important part is the anklets)

I have Makoto coming next, sometime in early August. No idea where to put him, though….now open for suggestions!!!

Gonna redo this whole setup once ~Bitter Chocolate~ comes in this weekend. Still grumpy about that light switch screwing up my duet posters………….


★ M A K E   M E   C H O O S E

Nagisa or Rei - request by: anonymous

I get a LOT of questions about kuji prizes, so many I fall behind quickly in answering them. Therefore here is the new KUJI INFORMATION POST!!!

  • "What is a kuji?"

"Kuji" means "lottery". Anime kuji feature prizes, usually figures, plush, clearfiles, stickers, keychains, towels, cups, bowls, any kind of random thing. In these lotteries, you ALWAYS win a prize!

  • "How do you play kuji?"

You find a store doing the kuji - usually convenience stores, anime stores, or even bookstores- it depends on the kuji. Tickets are usually 500-600 yen each. Some kuji you can play as many times as you want, and sometimes it’s limited to a certain number of tries per person (especially if it’s for something super popular - like Free! - and there is a big line of people waiting to play). You then peel off the tickets to see your prize. Sometimes you just win “G prize” meaning you can pick anything from within the G category (usually the case with Ichiban Kuji), sometimes it’s very specific with a character name and you can’t choose, and sometimes it’s blind packaged items (Taito kuji does this).

  • "I want a figure. How do I win that?"

In 99% of kuji the figure prizes are the top prizes, so you have to get lucky to win one without also taking home ten clearfiles or other lower ranked prizes. Many kuji will have ONE of each MAIN top prize (a statue/figure or huge plush), then 2-5 of each of the second-ranked prizes (also usually figures), then perhaps 10-30 of each lower ranked prize. So chances of pulling a lower ranked prize are much higher since there are so many of them. To put it simply, you have maybe one chance of winning the top figure, five chances at winning the second ranked figures, and anywhere between 30-70 chances of winning the lower ranked prizes.

  • "How do you reserve an entire set of prizes?"

To reserve an entire set of prizes, you have to first be in Japan! Second, find a store willing to reserve it to you. Stores that get 2 sets of the kuji will often do this; stores only getting one set may not be willing. To buy out an entire kuji you aren’t just buying one of each prize - you are buying the entire prize stock, meaning you are buying 50-100 items, many of them repeats, depending on how big the kuji is. With tickets at 500-600 yen, you do have to front around 500$ to buy out an entire kuji. Why would people do this? Well…

  • "What are ‘last one’ and ‘double chance’ prizes?"

The last one prize is the prize you get if you end up taking the last ticket of the kuji (so it is of course included if you buy out a whole set). You automatically win it for free, it does not cost an additional ticket price. The double chance campaigns are often entered through serial numbers on your tickets, and usually only 100 or so of these prizes are made. They might be an alternate color version of the main prize, or an alternate pose or expression, or glossy finish, or something else entirely, like a poster. If you are playing a kuji that will not allow an entire set to be bought AND has limited plays per person (AniKuji for example), the last one prizes can be extremely hard to win. The AniKuji Free! prizes, a matching Makoto/Haruka set with hearts on their jackets, are worth about 500-600$.

  • "How do I get the prizes if I am not in Japan? Am I screwed?"

Nope!! Often people put up sets of these prizes on Yahoo!Japan. The sets usually include one of each prize, and can be found by searching for the name of the lotto in Japanese. You can buy items off Yahoo!Japan using various deputy services available around the net. I don’t use these services so I can’t recommend any specific ones as being good or bad, but some light googling ought to show some reviews and recommendations! I do also personally list my extra kuji prizes for sale after sorting through all my spoils. There are other users who do this as well! :D

Anyway!! I hope you know more about kuji now, and how it is different from crane game prizes and regular toys you can buy in the store. I love to play kuji and I post info about it all the time on my kuji tag. And Free! ~Bitter Chocolate~ kuji comes out in just six more days!!


Next Alter Figure just announced at #: RIN MATSUOKA!!!

No release date yet but…


OLDCODEX - 01. Dried Up Youthful Fame FULL
60,264 plays

All Raichu items from “pokemon time” (ポケモンセンターオリジナル pokemon time) Series 7. Raichu is the only Pokemon who received one of every item in this promotion!

My Free! Chibi Figures by Taito came in! I love Makoto and Haruka on their delphinidae and they match so well, but I had no idea how cute they were until I had them in person ;____; oh god

Now that I know how cute they are I can’t wait for the next set with Rin, Nitori and another Makoto and Haruka! Here are some prototype images of all of the sets.

I think Haruka from this set is my number one favourite though. “FORWARD, DOLPHIN!!!”

I am slowly collecting the Ending Books. There is one for each boy, and they come with a life-size cloth tapestry, so they are expensive. I have managed two though!

And Nagisa’s featured uhhhhh well see for yourself

Anyway… next to arrive is Makoto’s book!!

Little Sousuke (◡‿◡✿)

Pre-orders for Free! CharaPuka set 2 start tomorrow! And here are the special versions you can get by ordering at specific shops. Specific shop info will be up tomorrow too!

I think I need both the special Rin and Rei from this set!!!! Or all of them!!! ;_;

Ensky’s new CharaPuka Free! bath toy set has been revealed, and not only is it the boys in elementary school form, but they come with their little spirit animals!!

Note the details that Rei has on a different swimsuit than the others! And notice Haruka’s expression is different in the second image. That means this set may also have two versions of each boy! (Haru’s original two expressions can be seen in this post :D)

No release date yet!