A Very Important Poster Update:

I finally figured out the perfect place for my Rin posters! And look, if you close the door, you can pretend Free! isn’t taking over the room entirely and is still mostly contained to one corner. Heh, eh…. eheh. Heh.

Though I still hate my lightswitch SO FREAKING MUCH RIGHT NOW, I don’t know what else to do. If I pushed NagiRei up to the ceiling and overlapped the very top of MakoHaru with the bottom of it, it would fit above the lightswitch, but would it look stupid and crowded? What if I then did a similar overlap with the Rin posters, would it look okay since they matched??!?! Maybe I should put MakoHaru on the door instead of RinRei so MakoHaru and RinHaru can have an eternal duet sing-off behind me as I work in here.

Toy collectors have very serious problems, you see!!

Does anyone else have any of these posters? Wouldn’t you reply with photos of them hanging up?! Oh please! I want to see other collections!

Figures update next…. probably. Ichiban kuji begins in early May, and I have a cool fanmade Makoto coming. Oh joy oh rapture.


Part 2 of my day with sunyshore and libbydango ! I forgot to say we were in Ikebukuro ! Sunyshore wanted the Rei strap from this UFO catcher machine, and she got it ! Then we went to sunyshore’s house, I saw her great Free! Merch Collection and her 4 cute little ferrets _(:3 」∠) She also have a wonderful Free! Doujinshi Collection (more than half is makoharu XD) It was a Free! Makoharu heaven for me ♥ and a chocolate heaven for little Mako-chan ♥


Yay finally i have some time to post some pictures (from my crappy phone ;_;) ! Yesterday I went to the Animate big store and K-books doujinshi store with the lovely sunyshore and libbydango ! It was very fun !! Thank you so much again !!!! Though I didn’t buy my makoharu plushies (I can’t buy Makoto without his Haru !!!) ! There was so many doujinshi I didn’t know what to do !!

Sorry I didn’t answer to all your sweet messages, but I will as soon as possible ! I miss my daily makoharu fandom dose and also drawing makoharu *cries* I will post more pictures soon (maybe, the Japanese wifi is not my good friend ;_;) !!!

My youngest ferret, Peregrin Dook, fell asleep in my arms while I had on my Free! Talk Event t-shirt.

The concept art images for the next Taito sweets-themed kuji have appeared!!! They can all but confirm the top prizes (in the September kuji, ~pop candy~, those will be Rin and Rei) will ALL be the five boys as adorable little preschoolers (see Haruka here). My tears are real. Hold me ever so tenderly. Just look at them. Just look.

And is that… Rin with ponytail?! As a figure?! ?!?!?!

Free! ~bitter chocolate~ kuji begins in August! Other prizes are another set of chibi figures of all five boys (with chocolate theme this time), rubber charms, and “big sticker with card” sets.

The official image for the top prize in the Free! ~sweet macaron~ Taito Kuji has been unveiled, and it is Haruka (七瀬遙フィギュア賞) in a dress (actually, it is meant to be the uniform young children often wear in school in Japan…”幼少期をイメージした”, according to the blog) with a cookie.

Such beauty… (〇-〇ヽ) 美しい・・・☆!

Free! ~sweet macaron~ Taito Kuji begins June 28th.

Clemont in the new trailer for 2014’s Pokemon Movie, 『破壊の繭とディアンシー』!

I think he and Bonnie get frozen into stone like Team Rocket did, and that is why they were both absent from half of these trailers. Couldn’t afford to pay Yuki Kaji for the entire movie huh?! I’ll go with that.

It’s meaningless without Sabamobile

  • Free! Message Clip Collection (amiami)

Are you okay? You haven't updated your site. Your worrying me

no worries i’ll always do the clemontcaps ;) he is my baby boy !!!

Choice caps from the funniest moment in the XY anime so far (for me), Clemont (with dubbing by Bonnie)’s PokeVision video from XY021: “It’s a Debut! Serena and Fennekin on PokeVision!!” ( デビューです!セレナとフォッコでポケビジョン!!).

There are no limits to my deep love for this sweet, sweet little loser nerd boy.

I’ve got a Twilight Sparkle plush, Eren Yeager Nendoroid, Lawson x Free! posters and Free! ~sweet macaron~ clearfiles and stickers up on http://sunyshore.storenvy.com/! Please go have a look!

I will also have two extra of the gigantic, 24 cm tall 1/8th scale Makoto sculpture (fan made) seen in this tweet available for 160$ shipped anywhere in the world. If you might be interested, please send me an email at denkimouse (at) gmail.com.

New official artwork thanks to the Taito Kuji and Yahoo!Japan.

….Nagisa feeding Rei!!

Free! Ichiban Kuji prize images revealed!

Prizes A~E: Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei and Rin ChibiKyun Figures

Prize F: Glass Cups

Prize G: Stationery Assortment

Prize H: Rubber Straps

Last One Prize: Iwatobi-chan Secret Version Figure

Double Chance Campaign: A2 Size Poster

Check out the site for more details and close up pics of the poster and figures! :D This kuji begins at 7/11s in early May!

taking a short break from the norm because it’s worth it

Taito updated their Free! Animation Project kuji page with sneak peeks of various cute things and you can BARELY SEE the new figures!!!!!! Next update is 4/11!!!!!!

I adore Rin’s pose, how Makoto and Haruka are wearing blue and green respectively, and Rei and Nagisa’s matching kigurumi!!!