Official Fanbook images are uploaded to the main site! Including the original art pinups inside! :D GO have a look!

Shut up.

Finally here are the prototypes of the military uniform scale figures of Makoto and Haruka! Coming out in February and March 2015 as Taito crane game prizes.

Cannot wait for painted versions!!! So the eyes look less creepy! :D

The Rubber Pin Collection images are up! Preorders for full boxes begin September 25th, individual preorders are already up! :D Stands will also be on sale to display them as collection items! Pick from cafe or pool!

REALLY cute new art from きゃらびぃ! Love Haruka’s scarf!

I… just don’t want to be over there right now.

Welcome to Australia, Haru!

Dengeki has posted images of some of the new October Taito Crane Game prizes, including the plush mascots volume 1, and the second set of chibi figures.

Love the plushies holding their little animals, and the shark buoy and Samezuka flag on the chibi figures <3

Today my Free! Eternal Summer Volume 1 DVD arrived from Kyoanishop, with many extra goodies. Kyoani’s special items are large original illustrations, a memory booklet, and a binder to keep all of it inside. Volume 2 will feature a new original Makoto illustration, and an original calendar/schedule!

Since I bought Volume 1 twice (for reasons), the other store I got it from gave me this gigantic Makoto towel. Thanks?!


Ahhh my Taito Pop Candy figure of Rin came in today! 8D Many thanks to sunyshore for blessing me with such patoot~ He’s the biggest Free! figure I have right now (at least until my 1/8 scale figures of Makoto and Haru come in next month!) and I can literally cradle him in the palm of my hand. I’m so ecstatic! My little Free! collection is coming along nicely~ (with some added Kingdom Hearts haaaah…)

… I’m not sure if he’s willing to share that donut, but we’ll see. Come on Rin you don’t even like sweets anyway


I have added lots of new goodies to my Storenvy, and reduced the prices majorly on some other things! There are many keychains, clearfiles, coasters, figures, and even the Makoto Tachibana garage kit figure with big discount added! Many kuji prizes and other goodies also available. Please have a look!

And thanks to all who check it out :D


You big dumb amazing whale shark man!!!!!!!!!!

All of you now let us join hands and form a prayer circle for there to be actual tangible merchandise for Sousuke’s next birthday. Thank you comrades.

Also got a new orca.

The other two are named RinRinChan and SouChan, I will name this orca Makoot.

So I won the lifesized Haruka from the Rakuten Books kuji and-

The Sousuke and Rin “mook” has updated with new art of the boys wearing their matching bracelets!!! …..and matching rings!!!!!!!!

More and more glad that I ordered this!!