There will be a new Free! Ichiban Kuji in December, called "Free! ~All Out~" (thanks Rin and Rei!!!!!). The prize lineup is:

  • A Prize: Character Bath Towel
  • B Prize: Motif Bath Towel
  • C Prize: Haruka and Rei Chibi Kyun Chara Figures Set
  • D Prize: Makoto and Nagisa Chibi Kyun Chara Figures Set
  • E Prize: Rin and Apron Haruka Chibi Kyun Chara Figures Set
  • F Prize: Mug Cup
  • G Prize: Stationary Set
  • H Prize: Mini Towel
  • I Prize: Rubber Straps
  • Last One Prize: Potteries to hold teeny things (not sure what else to call this)
  • Double Chance Campaign: Tapestry

No images yet, but I will post them once I get them! I know from experience Chibi Kyun Chara figures are really teeny versions of the regular Kyun Chara figures. The ones I have are cute, so I hope these are too!! I wish a second Haruka was a Sousuke instead, but I’m not turning down an apron Haruka figure so I accept this lineup!!

I really do hope the next figure news I see includes Sousuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impatiently I shall wait until then!!

(PS: to all sharp eyed viewers, yes, the official ichiban kuji site is using the wrong kanji for haruka wwwwww)

oh my god sunyshore i didnt know you had a tumblr but i love your raichu collection and thank you so much for following fuckyeahltsurge this is such an honor

oh my gosh thank you, i love lt. surge, he is my favourite pokemon character along with clemont (*ノωノ) its my secret not secret mostly swimming anime tumblr… nobody here knows i have a famous raichu collection shhhhh |д゚)

What dream? What future? I don’t have any of that.

You're the one that doesn't understand. It's you who cares about all that! I'm not you!


So, how about you Makoto?

In commemoration of the Character Song Series, Banpresto is releasing more goods similar to the Duet Series posters! Each is a set of two clearfiles and a can badge with original art. Coming to crane machines 9/23  :D

I hope they continue and make these for the other Character Song Series coming out, Sousuke, Ai and Momo …no word on that yet though :D

peachymints/mermen-in-my-teacup did another Pokemon/Free! drawing for me as a trade, and it is adorca-ble ;__; With High Speed!-style Makoto and Haruka with their baby Pokemons. Thank you so so so much!!!

Thank you so much, they are precious babies!!!!!!!!!! I like to think Mareep used to get scared and shock Makoto, but once they became better friends and Makoto kept being patient about it, Mareep gained better control. Except when Haruka and Magikarp would pop out of the water unexpectedly, and then all of them would get shocked, and Makoto would have to be rather apologetic to a very annoyed Haruka and Magikarp…


Spoon 2Di released this preview of a new illustration of the boys in uniform! The magazine issue, including a pinup as well as a clear file, will be coming out on the 30th of this month~



Spoon 2Di released this preview of a new illustration of the boys in uniform! The magazine issue, including a pinup as well as a clear file, will be coming out on the 30th of this month~


This bracelet (CHARACTERS BRACELET feat. Rin & Sosuke) coming with the new Volume 1 “Mook” Kyoani is releasing…is beautiful. Even though each pair mook will be 4000 yen, I might have to get all of them =/

There will be four “mooks” …magazine books?? Okay. If we assume two others are Makoto and Haruka, and Rei and Nagisa, will the fourth be… ? ;D I won’t speculate for now.

Each “mook” will feature original art, an original written drama, character designs and discussions with the creators, and this charm bracelet! :D The first volume comes out in winter 2014.

Final images of some of the rubber badges from Free! ~Pop Candy~ have been uploaded! The secrets this time are too hard to tell…we will know when they come out in two more weeks I suppose!

And the blog also uploaded this nice closeup of Rin’s Cheshire Cat butt. Thanks!


Free! Eternal Summer character song vol.3, 4, and 5 covers.

Vol.3 Matsuoka Rin tracklist:

  • 01. Over the Dream
  • 02. Gratefully
  • 03. Over the Dream (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Gratefully (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.4 Hazuki Nagisa tracklist:

  • 01. ボクカクメイ
  • 02. プリズムSHOWTIME☆
  • 03. ボクカクメイ (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. プリズムSHOWTIME☆ (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.5 Ryugazaki Rei tracklist:

  • 01. Coming Soooon!!
  • 02. Beautiful Impressions
  • 03. Coming Soooon!! (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Beautiful Impressions (OFF VOCAL)

Release Date: 3 September 2014


Ran and Ren wanted to see you coach

"As if his back is being pushed, Makoto heads towards the gym. Turning back to face Haruka once, Kisumi stuck out his tongue. " - High Speed 2