Sousuke in episode 7 (´∀`)♡


If you thought I had stopped caring, oh, how you will soon learn that is rather incorrect. There is no way I can not care most deeply in my deepest of kokoros about this. This perfect thing.

Just a heads up.

With Ponta Card Points (it’s a thing!) fans can now enter to win a barista Makoto Tachibana blanket or cushion from Lawson’s Machi Cafe Free! campaign. 100 fans will win a blanket, 100 will win a cushion, and 200 will win a 5000 yen prepaid card. The campaign runs until 12/31.

Time to go drink a lot of tea I guess!!

Big versions of the amazing original pinup art from the Free! Eternal Summer Official Fanbook coming out on 11/28.

Makoto and Haruka especially looked so college-y before with those school bags and book yet no uniforms, and now…!

I love Rin’s Louis Vuitton.

A new Spoon.2Di cover…. with upgraded military uniforms! :D

Sousuke, Nitori and Momo’s character CD information has also been uploaded to the main site!

Mook 2 is announced - Rei and Nagisa’s! Coming in late December.


"I’ll be waiting for you to come back."

"I wonder if we’ll see another sight we’ve never seen before." "We will. The four of us together."

first // last
first // last
They stayed together!

The Aqua Charm Collection order MerHaru and I placed came in from Kyoanishop this morning <3

Official Fanbook images are uploaded to the main site! Including the original art pinups inside! :D GO have a look!