Final images of some of the rubber badges from Free! ~Pop Candy~ have been uploaded! The secrets this time are too hard to tell…we will know when they come out in two more weeks I suppose!

And the blog also uploaded this nice closeup of Rin’s Cheshire Cat butt. Thanks!


Free! Eternal Summer character song vol.3, 4, and 5 covers.

Vol.3 Matsuoka Rin tracklist:

  • 01. Over the Dream
  • 02. Gratefully
  • 03. Over the Dream (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Gratefully (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.4 Hazuki Nagisa tracklist:

  • 01. ボクカクメイ
  • 02. プリズムSHOWTIME☆
  • 03. ボクカクメイ (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. プリズムSHOWTIME☆ (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.5 Ryugazaki Rei tracklist:

  • 01. Coming Soooon!!
  • 02. Beautiful Impressions
  • 03. Coming Soooon!! (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Beautiful Impressions (OFF VOCAL)

Release Date: 3 September 2014


Ran and Ren wanted to see you coach

"As if his back is being pushed, Makoto heads towards the gym. Turning back to face Haruka once, Kisumi stuck out his tongue. " - High Speed 2

Rakuten Books is doing an online kuji where you can win prizes including lifesize standees of Makoto and Haruka, cushions, posters and more! Including new artwork of the Iwatobi Saba Burger stand.

Time to go play!


Helioptile :) The face was designed by  who drew it out to scale then I scanned and digitized it. He’s got bendy arms and frills as well as jointed neck and back legs. Plenty of attitude. I’m not sure how big he is because I forgot to measure but probably around 14 inches. 

Not available for sale.

Today we went to the Free! Premium Shop in Marui City Shibuya! This is a limited-open shop (open for only a few weeks) with special goods and very long lines…

Try to wrap your head around it. First, you have to apply to win a chance to even go into the shop through an online email lotto. Then, if you won, you got a time slot on whatever days you applied for. Mine was 17:00-19:00 on August 13th, the only day I could go!

The ticket said to get there at 16:30. We had to go to the sixth floor of Marui City (a big department store in a very crowded part of Tokyo). There, we found the start of the line, which wound down the stairs ONTO THE B1 LEVEL. Then, the line began to move. We showed our lotto email tickets and had to THEN select PAPER TICKETS from a CARDBOARD BOX to find out our NUMBERS that would tell us when we would be allowed to enter. We got ‘lucky’, if lining up again on the hot no AC stairwell is lucky :P and were in the 200s, when tickets went past the 500s.

And then we got to go in as the line inched forward at the slowest crawl. We got in about six PM! This was seriously the most effective system they could come up with?!?!?! Anyway…

The shop was really neat, even if goods had strict buying limits (blind packed clearfiles five a person, everything else one per person). I really wanted the chibi Megane Makoto secret clearfile (photo of the secret Haruka and Makoto designs thanks to tsuchinok_o2!), which I did not get, but I did get chibi Rei, regular Makoto and also the non-chibi Rei, and the group shot of the Marui City Shop original art, the best thing to remember the occasion by, I think!!!

My haul also included all five main character chibi straps. Adorable!!!!

I think to be able to buy the items in person and once again experience the insanity of the Free! fandom made it worth it, especially since I am sitting in a chair with air conditioning right now, but what a bad system it was! Do the thing better, people!

Thanks for reading :D

Nagisa and Iwatobichan debut in “CharaRIDE” figure form! The figure comes out in November. The figure is 2000 yen and 6 cm tall.

The same company is also making a figure of Haruka in a bathtub. No photographs of the actual item have been released yet.

…onward, noble Iwatobichan!!!

First DVD and BluRay cover and special items also updated!

Screencaps are up for Free! Eternal Summer Episode 7!

Rin & Rei’s relationship: THEN vs. NOW

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING commissions drawn for me by peachymints/mermen-in-my-teacup!!! I am so in love with them, they are just what I always wanted for my Free!boys and their Mega Evolutions… ;u; And the tiny little broaches the megastones are in——-!!!!!1!

Thank you so much peachymints, they are beautiful and perfect and now I feel so inspired to commission more Free! x Pokemon art!!!

I am going to POKEMON WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Washington DC this weekend, cosplaying Rin as a Mega Garchomp trainer…with a Mega Garchomp to prove it, of course :D If you see me there…please say hello! :D

Free! ~Pop Candy~ Taito kuji chibi figure prizes + original artwork scans, scanned by me again!!!

Sorry the art scan is so bad… the image was really tiny, but I made it look as good as my ability allowed.

Enjoy!! :D